Q. Can we freeze Tofuburgers?
A. Yes, we know lots of people do freeze them - some may lose a small amount of texture as with freezing some vegetables but in general this is very successful. Bear in mind that they are vacuum packed and if kept chilled should arrive with a 5-6 week shelf life. This also applies to Surprise Bites and Tempeh Slices

Q. Can we freeze tofu?
A. Tofu will lose quite a bit of its texture when frozen. In fact this makes it more useable in some recipes as it tends to absorb flavours even more readily. Again it is vacuum packed and will reach you with a 4-5 week shelf life.

Q. What is Tempeh?
A. Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food made by combining cooked soya beans with a culture binding them into a sort of `cake`. This is then sliced and marinated for the tempeh slices. It is also listed as Natural or Smoked.

Q. Can Fridge Cakes be frozen?
A. They could but there is no need as they keep for at least 6 months in ambient temperature. The name Fridge Cake is rather misleading but is more to do with method of manufacture than keeping qualities.

Q. Are all your products Vegetarian and GM Free?
A. Yes

Q. Are all Organic Products Gluten Free?
A. All Gluten Free except for some fridge cakes which contain oats

Q. Which days are goods sent out to us?
A. Goods will normally be sent out by carrier on Wednedays, therefore should arrive with you on Thusday. Please advise us if you require delivery on a particular day. Saturday delivery not currently available.

Q. What sort of shelf life can we expect on Dairy products.
A. Yoghurts would not be sent out with less than 18 days chilled shelf life and some would be as long as 24 days. Cream would generally be between 7-14 days

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