Ploughshares Fridge Cakes are made by Naturemade Oasis from the very best of Organic ingredients including Oats, Malt syrup, Molasses, Date syrup and Carob. 

They provide the 'naughty' sweetness so often required as an energy giving snack. 

There are 6 varieties - all iced with Carob icing and decorated:

  • Carob & Nut - nuts are real hazelnuts (absolutely no peanuts in this recipe) 
  • Carob & Raisin - no nuts of any kind included 
  • Carob, Nut & Raisin - combines the best of both worlds! 
  • Carob, Orange & Almond - the taste of orange combined with real almonds (no peanuts in this recipe)
  • Carob, Lemon and Coconut - the sharpness of fresh lemons with coconut
  • Carob, Date and Walnut - best juicy dates and walnuts

Individual slices - weight 84g packed in clear bags - keep at ambient temperature
Carob & Nut also available in 240g and 1kg cakes (1kg size to order only)

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