Vegan and Gluten Free
Oasis Tofuburgers are vegetable burgers made with fresh Tofu, Okarra, wholegrain brown rice mixed with a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs/spices.
There are 10 different varieties:
  • Original - this burger won the Soya food class in the 1999 and 2003 Organic Food Awards and was praised for its excellent seasoning and crispy outside.
  • Beetroot & Walnut - commended in the 1998 Organic Food Awards - actor Paul McGann (one of the Judges) said that he would definitely add it to his shopping list.
  • Chick Pea - giving that little extra 'crunch' without the addition of nuts
  • Chilli - including red kidney beans and 'hot' stuff!
  • Celery - very distinctive fresh celery flavour
  • Leek - super tasting leeks
  • Garlic mushroom - if you like them you'll love these burgers
  • Apple & Raisin - a little sweetness under your grill
  • Tomato - yes real tomatoes in this one
  • Peppers - both the red and green varieties!

Oasis Tofuburgers 180g (2 burgers per pack) are vacuum packed with a shelf life of 6 weeks. 

The same varieties are also available uncooked and frozen in packs of six. 

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